I’m Lizzie, and I live with my husband Will and our three year old daughter ‘Chick’. Our home is in UK – not too far from Cambridge in the Bedfordshire countryside. As a family our spare time is spent exploring the world, Will and I are loving being able to introduce Chick to all the fascinating things out there.

Before having a baby our favourite thing was to go on amazing travels, we clocked up trips to South Africa, Morocco, the USA, Orkney, Berlin, Rome and Trinidad and Tobago amongst others in the few years before I got pregnant with Chick.  Will is completely obsessed with wildlife and a lot of our travels ended up involving some pretty serious wildlife watching – seeing some truly spectacular things that I would never have even heard of without Will suggesting them.

Now that we have a child our pace of travel may have slowed somewhat, we are still working out this parenting and travelling with a kid thing. We haven’t let starting a family stop our wanderings though – before Chick was one she had spent a month away from home as we accompanied Will on work in the Scottish Highlands, as well as lots of other trips here and there.

I share our honest travel experiences and adventures here, and how we balance family friendly activities with our interests. A lot of our travels have a distinct outdoors and wildlife flavour still, although we’re not averse to the odd city break or exploration of a museum or gallery. I still want our holidays to be relaxing as well as seeing lots of new things – let’s see how we get on!

Please feel free to contact me on familytravelnaturally [at] gmail [dot] com